275GL+ to 275GL+ w/ESM2

Simplify your engine, increase your reliability, and improve your 275GL+ operability.

Grow with the Waukesha* 275GL+ to 275GL+ with ESM2 Upgrade kit. This kit greatly advances the control capability of the engine and incorporates various reliability improvements made over the life of the engine to transform your user experience

waukesha engine esm product


What can this upgrade do for you?

Customer Benefits

  • Reliability Improved Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) control and superior fault tolerance to keep you running
  • Consolidation
    • Single, high capacity ESM2 control module for engine management
  • Usability
    • Improved starting, steady-state, and transient performance. Data trending, troubleshooting where you need it through the engine HMI
  • Transient Capability
    • 0-100% load – 45 sec
    • 30-100% load – 30 sec
    • +/- 10% load at any operating point
    • 100% load rejection in < 10 seconds
  • Starting/Shutdown
    • Full adjustability, automatic lean out after starting
    • Ability to start with 30% torque applied
    • New e-Stop feature that eliminates residual fuel in the engine during hard stops


How we get you there?

Upgrade Contents:

  • 12“/305mm remote mounted HMI with harness
  • IPMD2 ignition module
  • Front wire harness
  • High temperature harnessing for actuators & sensors near exhaust
  • Customer interface harness
    • Single harness to interface to 275GL+
  • New boost pressure sensors
  • Trican Sensor measures ambient humidity, temperature, pressure
  • New air handling control actuators
  • Power distribution box
  • Smart Thermocouple Modules (STU) for managing exhaust & main bearing temperatures


Find your version:

275GL+ to 275GL+ w/ESM2 Upgrade

Engine Kit #
12V275GL+ G-962-1261
16V275GL+ G-962-1262
  • 3,750 hp, 0.5g NOx, 800-2,300 BTU Fuel
  • 3,625 hp, 0.5g NOx, 800-2,300 BTU Fuel
  • 5,000 hp, 0.5g NOx, 800-2,300 BTU Fuel
  • 4,835 hp, 0.5g NOx, 800-2,300 BTU Fuel
  • 5,000 hp, 0.5g NOx, 700-850 BTU Fuel
  • 4,835 hp, 0.5g NOx, 700-850 BTU Fuel