Waukesha is an established name when it comes to high performing and durable gas engines in the most demanding, isolated, and mission-critical application. It is preferred by discerning natural gas compression companies, and the demand is fulfilled by reliable and respected providers, like Ironline Compression. The product line ensures that there is at least one Waukesha gas engine that will suit your needs. The selection includes products offering 160 HP to 4,835 HP to suit various applications, while ensuring consistent power for gas compressors on every stage of the natural gas production process.

Choosing a Waukesha gas engine shows that you are discerning when it comes to the quality and value of your equipment in the long run. The reliability of the product is proven by its ability to run nonstop, while requiring minimal routine maintenance and sustainability every month. Waukesha engines are a good choice if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and emissions in the job site, too. The line of Series Four engines, for instance, come with emission control and monitoring features to help you keep track of your environmental impact, while making sure that it is kept to a minimum.

Waukesha gas engines are known for their reliable performance in the most demanding and rugged power generation and gas compression applications. Their power generation remains consistent, even at high altitudes, while making sure that emissions are kept to a minimum. You can find a Waukesha gas engine with an intuitive control panel that lets you monitor the performance of the machinery, too.

Every Waukesha gas engine carried by Ironline Compression has passed rigorous testing to ensure effective and consistent performance in the long run. Testing also ensures that the engine is not prone to output failure, so you can be sure that the equipment will not affect your productivity and cause costly downtime and delays. Ironline Compression understands your need for success, so they offer further assistance to your operation, such as product upkeep and a great selection of services and parts in case your Waukesha equipment requires maintenance.