If you do business in the O&G industry, you have most likely heard about Certificate of Recognition, or COR program. What is COR, why do you want it and why is it important for you when choosing a partner to work with?

The COR program began in Alberta over 20-years ago,and has become an industry standard in the province, not only in the O&G industry, but in all major business sectors. The goal of the COR program is to ensure that workplaces are safe, leading to improved overall performance.

COR is a program showcasing a company’s commitment that meets a provincial health and safety standard. These standards are set by the province’s Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) legislation. Although it is used across Canada, COR can vary from province to province, based on their OH&S legislation.

COR showcases that companies you are considering have a health and safety program and are committed to not only to their employee’s safety, but yours as well.

Working with a COR certified company, ensures the company has been able to assess workplace risks, allowing them to systematically control hazards to protect everyone on a job site.

Being COR certified also gives financial benefits to companies, through a reduction in the company’s WCB premiums. In order for a company to maintain a reduction in WCB premiums, a company must maintain their COR certification.

In Alberta, many large organizations require that an on-site supplier mustbe COR certified. In many cases proof of your certification is part of the bidding process for the job. Companies, such as Husky Energy, ensure that their contractors have their COR as a way to vet companies that can go onto their job sites. When the company proves they are part of the COR program, Husky knows that the supplier holds their company and employees to at least the provincial OH&S standards and continues to follow the process to maintain their certification.

There are many advantages to having your COR certification, and if nothing else, it showcases that a company takes the safety of their employees, and the employees of the companies they work with seriously.

Ironline Compression is proud to be part of the COR program, ensuring that not only are our staff safe, but our customers, suppliers and partners, or anyone who has ever entered one of our buildings, are safe as well.