The Waukesha 7044 series from GE Power includes rich-burn engines that are built and designed for the harshest and most demanding power generation, gas compression, and mechanical drive applications and conditions. These engines offer reliability when it comes to producing ample amounts and levels of power despite high altitudes, hot field gases, remote locations, and other rugged conditions, all while ensuring lower emissions. These next generation engines also come with highly advanced controller components, which add great functionality and other exceptional benefits to GE’s proven and tested ESM platforms.

The ESM interface features a full-color touch screen panel display, which provides users with a convenient tool for viewing and navigating through engine parameters and trend data. The same can be used to view manuals and go through troubleshooting steps, effectively eliminating the need for a separate computer system to perform such tasks. The ESM interface even enables direct reading of exhaust and bearing temperatures and sensors, while providing insight into other important operational parameters ranging from boost pressure to crank case pressure, and oil pressure.

The Waukesha 7044 engine series also features enhanced misfire detection, which allows instant detection and capture with a single misfire event. The system also offers enhanced 3-dimensional timing map, which enables tighter engine control over a range of fuels. Waukesha also boasts a brand new emPact Emission Control System, which combines engine, air/fuel ratio, and catalyst control. These engines are factory-designed to ensure optimal interaction, while maintaining consistent maximum performance.

The Waukesha 7044 series also features other impressive components and technical specifications, including a GE-supplied catalyst, differential temperature sensor, pressure sensor, pre and post catalyst oxygen sensor, and a closed loop control system, which allows automatic measurement of engine exhaust and adjustment of air to fuel ratio to keep maximum operational efficiency through changes in speed, fuel, load, and ambient conditions.

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