Ironline Compression has always listened to the needs of their customers, and this is no different. With the constant changes in the market, and the demands from their customers, Ironline Compression has developed their Engine Exchange Program.

The program allows customers to either purchase or exchange one of Ironline Compression’s zero-hour engines.

“This program is great, not just for our customers who have had an engine failure, but has an upcoming scheduled overhaul,” says Jon Rowland, Branch Manager at Ironline Compression’s Calgary location.

When time is of but the essence, you want to make sure whatever downtime you might incur on a job is as little as possible. Ironline Compression created this program with their customers in mind, reinforcing the company’s core belief that the customer comes first.

The Exchange Engine Program is just another program offered by Ironline Compression, showing their customers that they are a single source when it comes to service in the gas compression market.

“This program is a great alternative to the sub 400HP engines,” Rowland says, “As there is a significant cost savings to the customer when they get a certified exchange engine over a traditional field overhaul.”

With a certified exchange engine from Ironline Compression, customers will experience trouble free start-ups, and years of optimal uptime. Customers will have an engine showing up on site, as if it came off the factory floor! Installation will be quick, safe and efficient with minimal downtime, allowing customers to get back into production as quick as possible.

One of the best things about the program is that Ironline Compression can build you an engine to your specifications, in as little as 3-days from starting on the project.

A certified exchange engine allows you to maximize productivity with a reliable engine, giving you the confidence that any downtime you have is minimal.

Contact Ironline Compression today to discuss how a Certified Exchange Engine is a great option for your business.

5 Advantages to an Ironline Compression Certified Exchange Engine

Less Down Time
Built by the best techs in the industry
Backed by Ironline Compression’s Extended warranty
Every engine test ran in-house
High quality product (complete “zero” hour overhaul)