The Waukesha Series Four by GE consists of rich-burn engines designed for the most demanding and harshest power generation, mechanical drive, and gas compression applications. Gas engines are critical pieces of equipment in oil fields, and when you need them to be powerful, Waukesha L5794GSI can be a good choice. It can produce reliable power at high altitudes, remote locations, and where hot field gases are, with minimal emissions when used with a three-way catalyst. Ironline Compression carries this Waukesha gas engine with the emPact Emission Control System, which combines the air/fuel ratio control, catalyst, and engine for maximum performance and optimal interaction.

The emPact system is one of the most notable features on the Waukesha L5794GSI, with a logging function that lets all data, including the pressure differential and catalyst temperature to be saved for emissions reporting. The platform saves the data to a USB flash drive or external hard disk, whichever is convenient to your needs. The same system provides a one-stop source for compliance and data required for meeting emission permits.

Waukesha L5794GSI and its emission control system is supplied with a catalyst along with differential temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and post- and pre-catalyst oxygen sensing. emPact is especially notable for its closed-loop control system, which measures the exhaust of the engine and adjusts the air/fuel ratio automatically to keep the catalyst working at maximum efficiency, regardless of changes in ambient conditions, speed, fuel, and load. From the display panel, you can view the engine operating parameters in real-time, including shutdowns, alarms, and faults.

The experts at Ironline Compression can tell you more about the Waukesha L5794GSI and help you decide if it is the right gas engine for your applications. You can request for technical data on the product, too. Some of the basic features you should know about the L5794GSI are the V12 cylinders, the 719L (190 gallons) lube oil capacity, and the emissions.