If you are in search of dependable equipment for natural gas compression, you cannot go wrong with products from well-known brands, like Waukesha. Ironline Compression is well-stocked with an inventory of Waukesha products—including engines and generators like the 7044—which you can effortlessly pair with your existing compressors. Waukesha 7044 is the generator by GE, which designed the machine for unmatched durability, efficiency, longevity, and optimal operation. By choosing this product, you are guaranteed reliable operations with minimal to no downtime, as it is trusted for intermittent and continuous power applications.

Waukesha 7044 may be among GE’s senior products, but it continues to be trusted by discerning gas compression companies and service providers. Power is one of its notable features, but apart from that, it is preferred for its ability to tolerate hot fuels and being forgiving to those as it relates to the fuel quality. The generator requires minimal maintenance, and servicing is mostly required after an extended period. Regardless of the application, you can trust the engine to work with minimal emissions.

Ironline Compression recommends Waukesha 7044 if you are looking for a reliable power generation system for your compression process, as it comes with a wide turndown range, spanning from 700 to 1200 rpm. Drive compressors are available for gas processing, extraction, and transmission, and you can be sure that the machine operations are centralized in the cutting-edge ESM control system of GE. The 7044 is also backed by a global network of partners that can provide parts and service no matter where you are.

Waukesha 7044 is primarily used to drive power to natural gas compression systems, but it is versatile for other applications, too, such as spinning mills, particularly on the Indian sub-continent. Some hospitals and airports depend on it for emergency power, too. Regardless of how you will use it, be sure to purchase or rent it from a dependable provider like Ironline Compression.