If you are looking for a versatile engine, Ironline Compression carries a wide variety of products that should fit your needs. One of the products you should consider is the Caterpillar G3306, a proven reliable and robust engine trusted by numerous industries, including the trucking sector. It is a 10.5-litre, six-cylinder, inline engine that can handle either natural gas or diesel. The first engines from this series were manufactured in the 1970s as a replacement the older models like 1673 and 3160, but the make remains popular with discerning users due to its heavy-duty build. Here are more facts about this engine before you consider buying it:

  • The Caterpillar G3306 was manufactured starting 1973 until the late 1990s, just as emissions technology started to evolve and be revolutionized. Eventually, the engine was replaced in 2004 by Caterpillar C7 and C9 when Tier IV and III emission requirements were standardized.
  • Despite the presence of newer, more efficient engines, the Caterpillar G3306 is still considered by certain customers due to its reliability and no-nonsense design. Its early versions came with pre-combustion chambers, which were replaced with direct injection systems. This way, it can still be used and meet the latest emission requirements. Older versions may have had the sleeve metering fuel system, but it has been replaced with the efficient and reliable left-hand scroll system.
  • The Caterpillar G3306 may not be the fast engine today, but it is a dependable workhorse capable of producing around 563 to 967 ft/lbs. of torque. However, modern-day versions, like the Caterpillar G3306s, already comes with injector and turbo upgrades to provide greater torque at 1000 ft/lbs. Later models were designed to have 218 to 360 horsepower ratings to keep up with the upgraded turbo and injector performances.
  • You can still purchase the Caterpillar G3306 from reputable retailers, like Ironline Compression. Ironline carries a model with an efficient air inlet, control, cooling, fuel, ignition, and exhaust systems.