When it comes to gas compressors, the brand Cooper Bessemer stands out with its reputation and excellent performance that continues to be acknowledged for over a century. The name has long been associated with reliable and robust compressors that can withstand daily use and heavy wear and tear. Ironline Compression carries Cooper Bessemer’s gas compressors, which are preferred by discerning clients in the gas processing industry. The following features are those that have made these gas compressors popular:

  • A globally recognized name – Cooper Bessemer is a well-known manufacturer of rugged gas compressors that can meet and exceed the specific requirements in the gas processing industry. The brand is associated with the highest-quality standards in its products and in providing reliable customer service.
  • The design – A Cooper Bessemer gas compressor has a large cylinder that lets it function with sufficient inlet pressure. The design is balanced opposed to ensure completely covered auxiliary drives for a seamless and smooth operation, without vibrations. It enables any maintenance work to be performed easily, too, especially if you get Ironline Compression to do it for you.
  • Carefully engineered – The dependable rod bearing capability and the robust hydrodynamic mains enable the gas compressor capable of operating at its best for an extended period of time to help reduce interruptions. A pressurized frame lubricating system ensures that critical components can function properly with a clean supply of oil, while the tandem cylinder settings enable multiple compressions to occur in one throw.
  • Rigorously tested – Every product from Cooper Bessemer has been carefully tested to guarantee efficient, smooth, and flawless operations. A quality assurance team gives you confidence in the operational capacity of the compressors by making sure that the equipment works according to what is expected of it and its rated capacity. When you get their gas compressors from Ironline Compressor, you can be sure that the products are backed by dependable technical support, too.