Since its foundation in the year 1906 (at Wisconsin), Waukesha has gained immense market following for its engines that offer superb performance and utmost reliability in all circumstances.  The Waukesha engine varieties include the large and stationary diesel engines, gasoline engines, propane/LNG engines, and the multifuel engines. Waukesha 7044 engines have helped industries worldwide excel, and have contributed to national economic growth as well.

The Waukesha 7044 Engine

Waukesha 7044 is the Waukesha series 5 engines that provide for improvements including:

  • 10% reduced fuel consumption.
  • 13% better power output.
  • 30% increase in service intervals.
  • 20% reduced cost towards lifecycle costs.

Miller Cycle Combustion

The Waukesha engine also includes the new Miller Cycle that offers better combustion ratios while reducing the stress on the engine components. Here, the combustion cycle moves from piston to turbocharger and reduces the exhaust and the combustion temperatures. The engine also has a more advanced and innovative cylinder-head design. The new head not only has an enhanced life but also offers better reliability.

New Piston Design

The new piston design of Waukesha 7044 engine offers a reduction in the unburned hydrocarbon levels. This provides for better fuel consumption and mission levels. As the piston temperature is reduced, the new engine can offer better fuel efficiency even at higher power deliveries.

Advanced Control Interface

The custom interface panel of the engine is highly informative and useful for the operators. A single large screen offers statistics on a variety of trends, data, and parameters. One can easily view the manuals and carry out troubleshooting with the least of external help.

The leading engine and compressor firms have for you the advanced and economical Waukesha 7044 engines that can bring you a world of benefits and enhance the profitability potential of your operational scenarios and busies. The complementary and allied maintenance services ensure that your engine works optimally all along, and there are no downtimes. With a variety of models in varying configurations, the leading engine dealers can help you choose the best engine for your operations and help you attain the benefits of cost-effectiveness while reducing wastages.