Waukesha 7044 engines use advanced technology that can provide for 13% greater power and enhanced fuel flexibility. Compared to the older gas engine, the 7044 consumes 10% less energy and also have around 20% letter maintenance cost. The service intervals for the machines is also 30% longer.

Good Combustion with Fuel Efficiency

The Series 5 engines of Waukesha, including Waukesha 7044, provides higher power outputs while the delivery system does not exert any stress on the components. The rich-burn combustion design and cylinder head form factor can provide for a reduction in temperature by up to 40%. The Miller Cycle provides for lower exhaust and combustion temperature.

The Waukesha 7044 Gas engines can easily produce 1900 BHP at around 1200 RPM. The new piston design provides for lesser unburned hydrocarbon particles that can improve fuel consumption and emissions, while the piston has a lesser temperature.

Enhanced Safety

The Waukesha 7044 engine for compression has been packed with a range of safety features, which include the automatic shutdown control, and work surfaces that can resist skid by their checker plated design. Because all the instrument vents are routed to the skid edge ’s connection, the safety improves even further. There are also selectable safety options present and these include the caged ladders, exhaust insulation, and work platforms that comply with OSHA.

The engine can also be run at up to 10% of overload and can apply effective power and performance within the specified load limits consistently, over long durations of time. We at Ironline, bring to you the best of compressors and gas engines from leading brands including Waukesha, Caterpillar, Cooper, Ajax, and Gemini among others. We also have more than 60,000 parts for replacement and have the ready service trucks that can provide you maintenance and repair services at any industrial location in Canada.

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