Ironline Compression is the one stop shop for all your engine needs. We supply engines from various reputed manufacturers around the globe. Caterpillar g3306 is one such valuable product which you need to consider when you are buying engines. This robust engine is not only reliable but also trusted by various industries including the trucking sector. The engine comes with 10.5 litre, six cylinder, inline engine which can handle natural gas or diesel. This series came into existence in the year 1970 and replaced its old model such as 1673 and 3160. However, it remains quite popular for its robust build even today. Let’s see here some of the features of Caterpillar g3306.

  1. This engine was manufactured right from 1973 to 1990 during the emission technology which started to evolve and also revolutionized. But this engine was replaced with Caterpillar C7 and C9 when the Tier IV and III emission requirements were standardised.
  2. Though today there are a newer model available which are more efficient, but still some customers feel that Caterpillar g3306 is reliable and comes with perfect design. Earlier, it used to come with pre-combustion chambers which were replaced with direct injection systems today. Hence, this can be used even today as it meets the latest emission requirements. The sleeve metering fuel system found in the older version is replaced by a reliable and efficient left-hand scroll system.
  3. Though Caterpillar g3306 is not the fastest engine available today, but it produces a torque of 563 to 967 ft./lbs. But the modern day version of this engine comes with injector and turbo upgrades which provide a greater torque of 1000 ft./lbs. and these models come with 218 to 360 horsepower rating to cope with the upgraded turbo and injector performances.

Though the modern engines are available, but you can still go for the older version of Caterpillar g3306 especially when you are buying from a reputable retailer such as Ironline Compressions. The model that is available with the Ironline comes with an efficient air inlet, control, cooling, fuel, ignition, exhaust systems, etc. When you go with Ironline Compressions, you need not have to worry about services, maintenance, parts or any repairs. They have their own in-house expert who will provide you valuable advice as to which engine option you should go for.