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Alamo Turbos is a premier turbocharger repair provider, compressor creator and widespread manufacturer. Established in 1978, Alamo Turbos has supplied, repaired, manufactured and serviced its way across multiple industries. Industrial professionals, small project workers and residential operators seeking automotive, oil, gas, marine and agricultural solutions frequently turn to Alamo Turbos—and for good reason.

Alamo Turbos compressors are well-defined by the company’s long-running golden standards. Additionally capable of sourcing obscure applications and parts, Alamo Turbos holds unmatched adaptability, accessibility and impact across many industries. Alamo Turbos is a return visit for any seeking critical parts, complete units and turbocharged options in both oil and gas industries. Having designed many of the world’s leading, premium and upgraded components, Alamo Turbos similarly sustains its position as a global leader.

Highly diverse, the brand’s product line specializes in stainless steel nozzle rings, exhaust bellows and bill regulators. It similarly addresses the much-encountered problem of thrust failure, answering it with highly upgraded turbocharger solutions utilizing ball bearing technology. Premium-grade components are always used, and Ironline Compression is available to supply your Alamo Turbos needs via its expansive service options and product line. Access great solutions today, and contact our support team for more details.