A long-term specialist in oil and gas industry designs, Murphy guarantees a traditional approach to ever-changing standards. Murphy compression systems feature high-tech controller options, ensuring constant availability, accessibility and power. The Murphy line is wide and varied, and it’s constantly upgraded to procure a slew of industrial solutions. Offering compressor controls and annunciators, Murphy is a leading provider of service parts and engineering alternatives. Murphy similarly provides engine management solutions, fuel shutoff valves, pressure gages, temperature gages, ignition options, liquid dump valves, panel systems and pressure sensors.

For over 70 years, global providers have depended upon Murphy for engine protection and monitoring. The company’s services aren’t halted beyond compressors, and each member of its equipment line offers total control via advanced compressor controls, custom panels and automatic start options. Murphy’s long history of attention to detail and reliability is defined by its incredible standards.

Murphy natural gas compressors serve gas gathering projects, pipeline transportation and well head operation. The brand’s constant dedication to forward-thinking innovation, in particular, grants it the ability to constantly improve upon existing products and maximize manufacturing efficiency. Ironline Compression, offering Murphy parts and services, is similarly dedicated to your goals. Outfitted for success, Ironline Compression’s diverse inventory is constantly upgraded for your product’s needs.