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Ironline Compression has an extensive inventory of surplus natural gas compressors powered by Waukesha engines. Ironline has a large selection of exchange engines and genuine Waukesha parts to keep you running. Search here for Waukesha engine parts online by model number or part number.

Housing a massive legacy, the Waukesha name excels in an industry thriving upon intelligent solutions. Waukesha gas engine such as the workhorse Waukesha 7042 or the Waukesha 7044 carries a history of innovation, providing optimal performance in mission-critical, demanding, and isolated locations. Nonstop action, month-to-month sustainability, and little routine maintenance needs exemplify the Waukesha product line. 

Waukesha, a leading name of gaseous-fueled engines, such as the Waukesha 7042, generator sets, parts, and services, offers product options spanning from 160 to 4,835 HP, guaranteeing prime power for gas compressor users across all-natural gas production stages. Waukesha natural gas production is optimized, energy-efficient, and clean, beginning from the production wellhead and succeeding through processing, storage, and distribution phases.

Each Waukesha engine for sale has undergone years of rigorous testing. Consistent, capable equipment requires in-depth attention to prevent output failures, and Waukesha, ever-dedicated to maximized productivity, has reinvented the golden standard of gas-powered compressors several times. Well-known for its partnerships in many industries, Waukesha isn’t a stranger to diverse needs. Every Waukesha engine ensures robust, dependable options to minimize downtime. Ironline Compression is keen upon your project’s success. 

Now housing a wealth of Waukesha parts and services, even for the Waukesha l5794gsi, Ironline Compression is ready to assist your operation, product upkeep, and success. Contact our service providers today for more information on our Waukesha 7044 or other Waukesha engines for sale.

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About Waukesha Engines

Initially founded in 1906 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Waukesha is a brand of reciprocating engines produced by INNIO Waukesha Gas Engines, part of the INNIO Group. Featuring a durable design and unprecedented flexibility, Waukesha Engines delivers both rich-burn and lean-burn alternatives that provide varying emissions compliance levels and a wide range of applications.

With over a century of experience in building these types of engines, Waukesha produces engines that have multiple benefits and give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve made a good investment. Whether you’ve never owned a Waukesha engine or you’re just not that familiar with the product, today’s article will break it down and reveal exactly why it’s the perfect solution.


Advantages and Benefits of Waukesha Engines

With 114 years in the industry, Waukesha has learned exactly what it takes to manufacture reliable engines for the 21st century. Enhanced reliability, efficiency, and reliability provide near-instant payback and the much-coveted long-term ROI, and the benefits don’t end there.


The biggest area of focus for Waukesha has always been the reliability of their engines. That reliability also includes excelling in remote and otherwise challenging environments with EPA certified engines that can be used in various applications, fuel flexibility, transient response capabilities, and new smart controls that are proven effective.


With access to technical training and support for both channel partners and end-users, excessive downtime is a thing of the past. With closely managed parts inventory, customized training sessions, tech support, and passionate sales engineering teams, you’ll be able to keep your Waukesha systems up and running better than ever.

Long-Term ROI

With lower upfront costs, smarter engines, better efficiency, and extended service intervals, Waukesha engines help alleviate expensive unplanned maintenance. Furthermore, comprehensive upgrades with smart controls that utilize analytics and business intelligence enhance reliability and ensure a better long-term return on investment.

Additionally, upgrades equip your existing Waukesha engine with the advanced technology of today. Continuing to maximize bottom-line performance, certified remanufactured parts further reduce costly unplanned maintenance, and you can even add additional horsepower without increasing the equipment’s physical footprint.


These machines will certainly provide you with a wide range in power output (120 kW – 3,729 kW (160 bhp – 5,000 bhp).


Most Popular Waukesha Engines

The Waukesha 7044 is designed for optimal operation with unmatched durability, efficiency, and longevity. Effortlessly pair the 7044 with your existing compressors for reliable operations with minimal to no downtime. The Waukesha 7044 is among Waukesha’s senior products and is by GE, and is backed by a worldwide partner network that can provide parts and service wherever your operations are.

The 7044 is still extremely popular thanks to its power, minimal emissions, ability to tolerate hot fuels, and minimal maintenance requirements. At the same time, servicing is required after an extended period.

Waukesha 7042

The Waukesha 7042 is made with your unique needs in mind with unmatched reliability, effectiveness, and durability. Effortlessly pair the 7042 with your existing compressors for your essential operations with varied to negligible downtime. The Waukesha 7042 is among Waukesha’s most compelling products.

Waukesha 7044

The Waukesha 7044 is designed for optimal operation with unmatched durability, efficiency, and longevity. Effortlessly pair the 7044 with your existing compressors for reliable operations with minimal to no downtime. The Waukesha 7044 is among Waukesha’s senior products, is by GE, and is backed by a worldwide partner network that can provide parts and service wherever your operations are.

The 7044 is still extremely popular thanks in part to its power, minimal emissions, its ability to tolerate hot fuels, and minimal maintenance requirements. At the same time, servicing is mostly required after an extended period.

VGF Engine

Waukesha Engine’s VGF series has delivered critical high-horsepower platforms for over 30 years. Being ideally suited for both mobile and stationary applications, the VGF series from Waukesha provides fuel flexibility and smart controls that help maximize performance.

Since you have the option of 6, 8, 12, and 16-cylinder models, your VGF engine can serve your gas compression application needs as well as power generation, even under extreme conditions. With an assortment of natural gas options, Waukesha’s VGF series provides cleaner burning emissions and a more consistent and reliable source of continuous power.

VHP Engine

Built for efficiency, longevity, and durability, Waukesha’s VHP generator provides reliable power when you need it, whether for continuous or intermittent power applications. With wide (700–1,200 rpm) turn down ranges available, hot fuel toleration, and low emissions across different applications, the VHP series produces more power on the hottest field gases and delivers lower emissions.

The gaseous-fueled VHP series is available in 6, 12, and 16-cylinder configurations with lean-combustion and rich-burn systems can be found in every corner of the world. Even at higher altitudes and in remote locations.

VHP Series Five Engine

When it comes to your most challenging and remote environments, the VHP Series Five provides even more power and performance. Get 10% lower fuel consumption, up to 22% lower operating costs, 30% longer service intervals, and reduced lifecycle costs with the Series Five. Get step-by-step troubleshooting and Asset Performance Management (APM) with the ESM2 engine controller and enhanced controls and performance improvements through data analytics as well.

MobileFLEX Engine

This gas engine with genset portfolio and EPA Mobile Certification Waukesha’s latest advancement. Delivering lower-emission power to drill rigs and artificial lift enhanced oil recovery and oilfield equipment at lower-costs, mobileFLEX is an all-gas alternative to diesel units.

Utilizing field gases provides a cost advantage to energy producers and operational superiority to drilling contractors. Additionally, rich-burn combustion offers low emissions. It can operate on a range of field gases without derating, while reduced NOx provides more on-site horsepower with a smaller carbon footprint yet still meets site tonnage requirements.


Waukesha Engine Emission Solutions

Waukesha has emission reduction programs available for those wanting to reduce their Green House Gas (GHG) footprint. Recover your investment in engine retrofits that reduce GHG with Ironline, a Platinum Packager For Waukesha Engines, and one of their Emission Reduction Upgrade Packages.

Need to reduce emissions below 0.15 g/bhp-hrof NOx? The emPact emission control system is the option of choice. To maintain emissions compliance even as engine speed, load, fuel, and environmental conditions change, emPact optimizes the engine’s interactions, AFR2 air/fuel ratio control, and the INNIO-supplied three-way (NSCR) catalyst.

Lastly, the next-generation engine controller, ESM*2, is included. Its full-color customer interface panel enables you to check trend data, verify all engine parameters, view the manual, and even see the appropriate troubleshooting steps without needing an external computer.

Ironline will work with you to upgrade your Natural Gas engines into ultra-efficient engines that meet NOx emissions levels and reduce GHG. If you have one of the following Waukesha models, you may want to consider one of Ironline’s upgrade packages:

  •   L7044GSI
  •   P9390GL/GSI
  •   L5794LT
  •   L7042GL
  •   L7042GSI / L7042GSI “lean”


Upgrade Solutions for Waukesha Engines

While there’s no denying that a complete overhaul is a good idea at times, upgrades are almost always a better option. If you’re approaching a service event or the potential headache of an overhaul of your Waukesha VHP gas engine, upgrading it with genuine OEM Waukesha parts can match the latest designs and technology and give you improved reliability, reduced operating costs and, of course, cleaner emissions.


Other Waukesha Engine Services

Here are a few of the most comprehensive engine services present.

VHP Air Cleaner Upgrade

This upgrade option features a robust hinge design that delivers better reliability and enhanced air filter gasket sealing. Additionally, it simplifies air filter maintenance and delivers better reliability. The VHP air cleaner upgrade comes with the necessary pre-cleaners and air filters, air filter housing, rain shields, and provisions for various crankcase breather setups.


Providing the latest technology with field-proven Series Four heads, this upgrade for your VHP Series 2 can give you up to an additional 200 bhp with a full Series Four power upgrade option. With the VHP Series 2 to Series Four conversion upgrade, you can expect to see increased performance, uptime, and reliability.

Breather System Upgrade

The advanced crankcase breather system upgrade rids your crankcase of harmful water vapors and combustion gases, which helps prevent oil contamination and leaks, as well as sludge buildup.

Lean-Burn Cylinder Head Upgrade

This upgrade gives you the latest Series Four rich-burn technology and extends your VHP Series 2’s life and saves you money. The introduction of valve rotators reduces valve recession rates, and the flexible exhaust valve material enhances heat resistance.

Air-Fuel Ratio Upgrade

This upgrade provides a fuel control valve located between each regulator and carburetor and a wideband pre-catalyst O2 sensor calibrated for a wide variety of gaseous fuels for unmatched emissions performance.

Emission Control Upgrade

Keep your emissions in compliance with this upgrade that combines all the emissions-related components into one comprehensive control system. Factory-designed, tested, and calibrated, the emPact Emission control upgrade uses a special oxygen (O2) sensor specifically designed for natural gas operation, and the result is overall excellent system performance.

Extender Series Upgrade

An advanced breather system reduces oil leaks and provides a more consistent crankcase vacuum, and the high-efficiency air cleaner has 70% more dirt-holding capacity. The deep sump oil pan doubles the oil capacity, and the micro spin oil filtration system extends your oil change intervals.

As you can see, Waukesha has been a trusted name in reciprocating engines for as long as they have due to a wide range of reasons. When you need equipment that can operate a wide range of applications while reducing costs and emissions, Waukesha is the one you should call.