Waukesha Compressor

Housing a massive legacy, the Waukesha name excels in an industry thriving upon intelligent solutions. Waukesha gas engines carry a history of innovation, providing optimal performance in mission-critical, demanding and isolated locations. Nonstop action, month-to-month sustainability and little routine maintenance needs exemplify the Waukesha product line. Waukesha, a leading name of gaseous-fueled engines, generator sets, parts and services, offers product options spanning from 160 to 4,835 HP, guaranteeing prime power for gas compressor users across all natural gas production stages. Beginning from the production’s wellhead, and succeeding through processing, storage and distribution phases, Waukesha natural gas production is optimized, energy efficient and clean.

Each Waukesha option has undergone years of rigorous testing. Consistent, effective equipment requires in-depth attention to prevent output failures, and Waukesha, ever-dedicated to maximized productivity, has reinvented the golden standard of gas-powered compressors several times. Well-known for its partnerships in many industries, Waukesha isn’t a stranger to diverse needs. Every Waukesha generator ensures robust, dependable options to minimize downtime. Ironline Compression is keen upon your project’s success. Now housing a wealth of Waukesha parts and services, Ironline Compression is ready to assist your operation, product upkeep and success. Contact our service providers today for more information.

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