P9394GSI S4 ESM to 9394GSI S5 ESM2

Experience new controls, increased performance, uptime, and reliability by upgrading your Waukesha* VHP* 9394 Series Four* engine with the latest Series Five* technology.

An upgrade to Series Five gives you ESM2 with a full-color touch screen display panel which allows users to see all engine parameters, trend data, view manuals/service bulletins, and walk through troubleshooting steps, eliminating the need for a laptop computer.

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What can this upgrade do for you?

Up to 11% Increase in power from 2250 BHP to 2500 BHP gives additional horsepower and flow in turn additional revenue. xCooled cylinder head upgrade offers an enhanced cylinder head design with proven results in field-tested conditions operating on high LHV fuels. The Series Five Piston, Ring, and Liners along with a larger centrifugal oil filter extends oil life intervals from 2000 to 4000 hours – Up to 100% longer oil change life. This upgrade package aligns well with top-end and bottom-end overhauls.


The following items are included in the upgrade to Series Five:

  • ESM2 including:
    • HMI display –Engine control unit (ECU)
    • New sensors and harnesses
    • AFR2 air/fuel ratio control
    • IPMD2 ignition module
    • Power distribution box
    • ESM2 mounting hardware
  • xCooled Cylinder Heads
  • Series Five Piston/Ring/Liner
  • Centrifugal oil filter


Customer benefits

  • ESM2 HMI allows on engine operating perameters and simple diagnostic and troubleshooting features
  • IPMD2 with new spark plug allows for up to 4,000 hour spark plug life
  • xCooled cylinder heads optimize cooling & exhaust flow ports for improved reliability
  • Series Five piston allows for up to 4,000 hour oil change intervals


Find your version:

VHP P9394GSI engines with ESM UPGRADE


Part #


VHP P9394GSI engines with ESM G-962-1255A Series Five ESM2 Upgrade Kit
  G-932-300 PRL Series Five
DA205002H or NWC-DA205002H xCooled Cylinder Head
G-962-12558 Centrifugal Oil Filter