In recent years, the need for energy sources has transformed dramatically. Relying solely on traditional energy sources could be hazardous in the future. However, a clean and pollution-free energy source could be our best bet to meet the energy requirements of the nations and to make the earth a greener and safe planet to live in. Natural gas is the most thriving energy source in the world today. Natural gas is widely accessible, and it is the most immaculate burning petroleum-based fuel. Though the natural gas market is relatively smaller than the oil, because gas transport is cumbersome and expensive due to low energy content in correspondence to volume, still natural gas is widely used into transportation, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The CO2 emission of natural gas is much lower than the petroleum-based fuels which curtail the greenhouse effect.

Waukesha 7044 compressor is the most desirable compressor among the industrial units. Waukesha 7044 is among the GEs seasoned products and gas compression companies put their trust in it. Its prowess lies in the fact that it can tolerate hot fuels and relates effectively with fuel quality. One of the salient features of this compressor is its robust power. Still, it consumes less energy and its maintenance is also cost-effective. It can work for an extended time without servicing and whenever it needs servicing it’s easy and economical. This automatically results in minimal or mostly no downtime.

GE’s distributed power has used an array of possibilities for upgrading Waukesha gas engines that are used in gas compression applications.

Waukesha 7044 compressor is basically used to drive power to natural gas compression system; however, it is dynamic in other applications also. For example, it proves to be instrumental in running windmills and spinning mills in Indian sub-continent. Iron line industries is a one-stop shop for power and gas compressions engines. There are factories, manufacturing units, hospitals and even airports that depend on Waukesha gas engines for their energy needs.

Before buying a Waukesha 7044 compressor one should consider the aforementioned reasons and features of the product. It is also suggested that one should inquire about the delivery and purchase of the genuine spare parts and warranty scheme. It is immaterial how one is going to use this compressor; one should purchase it from a dependable and reliable supplier like Ironline compression.