The Caterpillar G3306 got introduced in the year 1970 and it has been produced for about more than 30 years. It got replaced by C9 and C7 series later in the year 2004 because of the Tier III and Tier IV emission standards. The sets of the generator are available in Direct Injected Turbocharged after cooled models along with the natural gas G powered.

Caterpillar Natural Gas G3306

The G3306 sets of the generator are rated to give the prime power for places which are situated off the grid-like gas, oil and mining properties. The no portable generators are powered by gas which decreases the cost of fuel and also eliminates the diesel need to be delivered to areas remotely. Additionally, they are designed in a way to operate bad and harsh conditions to reduce maintenance and downtime.

Features of Caterpillar G3306 generator

Some of the basic and normal features of G3306 include:

  • It has a minimum rating of 86 ekW, which makes a total of 107.25 kVA.
  • It has the maximum rating of 136 ekW, which come out to be 171 kVA.
  • It has the speed and frequency of 60/70 Hz, about 1600/1800 rpm.
  • The fuels which can be filled in it are field gas, natural gas, LNG, CNG.
  • Emissions and fuel strategy is NSPS or non-regulatory.
  • The aspiration gets turbocharged when it gets cool down.

Some of the optional exhaustive system equipment consists of:

  • Muffler mounting structure
  • Crucial grade muffler
  • The catalyst which is three-way

Generator sets of Caterpillar G3306

It has been believed that Caterpillar G3306 is tending to supply standby power, which is often essential for marine applications. The Caterpillar launched and started to produce generators along with the engines from the past 80 years and has the perfect track record for designs which are reliable and fuel-efficient.

The optional equipment and accessory include:

  • Oil ratio control
  • Motor for air starting
  • The manual lever to shut it off

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