Gas Compressors of brands Cooper Bessemer have a reputation for excellence, having been around for more than a hundred years. Acclaimed for reliability, with the ability to withstand heavy wear and tear, the compressors are durable and form part of Ironline Compressions’ commitment to quality. Here is what you need to know more about Copper Bessemer Gas Compressors.

#1 With a large cylinder size, units get to operate with good inlet pressure. The design of the compressor is balance opposed which ensures that auxiliary drives are completely covered, resulting in a smooth, seamless operation that is devoid of vibrations. Maintenance of these compressors are relatively easy, with the Ironline Compressions extended maintenance schedule.

#2 Cooper Bessemer as a brand is renowned as a manufacturer across the globe with the best standards when it comes to quality, superior customer support and reliability. Credited with the creation of one of the most rugged compressors, this brand performs beyond expectations meeting specific needs and requirements through advanced technology that relies on non-cooled cylinders.

#3 Tested rigorously to ensure smooth, flawless and efficient functioning, the QA standards ensure that the compressor operates as with the rated capacity and performance always. This has been the procedure adopted for every single unit of the large number of compressors that have left the assembly lines.

#4 With durable hydrodynamic mains and rod bearing capability with service life intervals that are more than the average models, it is a performer. The frame lubricating system is completely pressurized offering support to critical movement related components through clean oil supply. The tandem cylinder settings allow multiple compressions in a single throw, and offers advantages such as easy maintenance, low discharge degree, and an extended component life.

The stroke length determines efficiency as the rated RPM of the driver brings down the cost while reducing maintenance requirements. The high pressure, forged steel cylinder assures you of an efficient long operation, in addition to lesser noise. We, at Ironline are proud of our association with this reliable and reputed brand that has delivered on efficiency for our valued clients.