The gas compressor packages can work in a variety of industries and for different discharges and suction pressures. The compression packages are used for compression of natural gas so that it can be transported to the processing facilities, where it can be used to generate electricity or for other purposes. Some of the salient features and specifications of a gas compression package are given below.

Technical Specifications of Gas Compression Packages

The compressor included in the gas compression packages has a life span of at least 20 years. The compressors along with the auxiliary equipment are delivered in the form of package units in enclosures, which also comply with the regulatory norms and area classifications. The important equipment includes heat exchanger, cooling water system, capacity control, pulsation dampener, drivers, safety valves, and control cabinet among others.

Safety Features

Safety features are essential towards preventing the threat of accidents. Fortunately, the gas compression systems and packages have a good number of safety precautions and protection systems. The compressor suction has a pressure monitoring system that does not allow the gas inlet pressure to fall below the minimum suction pressure. There is protection for over speed and against the backflow of gas. There is also protection at the discharge point of the compressor. Together, these safety features provide for secure and reliable operations and make the workplace safe for the employees as well.

Using a Variety of Fuels

Leading suppliers have for you the compressor package solutions that work in all kinds of scenarios. For instance, the compressor and the package could be used in industrial, housing or marine areas that are close to the sea. The best of firms have for you the right materials and finishes that provide for safe operations at all scenarios. You may also get options in the form of different power sources. For instance, the compressors can work using turbines, electric motors, reciprocating engines, and even biogas as a fuel.

Nowadays the leading gas compression package providers and companies dealing in world-class engines and compressors from world-renowned brands including Ajax and Caterpillar among others offer the complimentary maintenance services as well. The compression packages include the unscheduled and scheduled maintenance for the most urgent requirements as well. You can contact a leading firm to know more about the gas compressor package variations available, and which one can suit your requirements the best way.