The Caterpillar G 3306 engine has been accepted and used by industries in Canada, the USA and a number of other countries across the globe for the past 40 years or more. The leading and reputed engine manufacturer has also introduced new changes in this powerful engine, which is known for its reliability and world-class performance. The specifications and benefits of the Caterpillar G3306 are:

Caterpillar 3306 Engine Specifications and Benefits

The 10.5-litre inline engine has 6 cylinders for the diesel variant or may use natural gas. There are around 8 versions of the engine available and its weight is around 2470 lbs.

The 3306 Caterpillar engine model can use both diesel as well as natural gas as a fuel source. The new engines include the much efficient and highly responsive direct-injection system and meet all the emission requirements. The engine can produce approximately 1000 ft/lbs of torque, and the performance of the engine may go up to around 360 horsepower.

Tips For Buying

You should trust a reputed company like Ironline compression to offer you used or new Caterpillar G3306 engine. The older models are also inspected and reconditioned and only the new ISO-9001 parts are used for replacement and repair. We at Ironline Compression, see to it that the new models have the best and specific tolerances, and the part failure rate are negligible (less than 1%). You will find our reconditioned G 3306 engines to have the new Bosch injectors, new housing, and a new cylinder. We also many other new components to the engines including blocks, crankshafts, gaskets, coolers, and fuel injector pump.

The Caterpillar 3306 Indian can be a wise and affordable choice for the natural gas compression industries and in other areas as well including gensets, cement mixers, dump trucks, excavators, scrappers rollers, and in the maritime industry among others.

We at Ironline Compression offer you new, used, lease or rental options when you want to procure engines from leading brands including Caterpillar, Gemini, and Cooper among others. We also provide you effective and onsite service and maintenance for the engine and have a ready inventory of thousands of parts from the original manufacturers. Ironline Compression is a trusted name in Canada in the natural gas compression industry and has been serving the customers for the past 70 years by offering the most efficient engine and compression solutions, and world-class customer support.