The Waukesha gas engines are known across the world for their high efficiency, low energy consumption, and outstanding power ratios. These highly reliable assets also have low operational costs, which is desired in the ever-changing environment of the gas compression industry. The Waukesha 7044 engine can offer a power of up to 1900 HP. It has major technological improvements in areas including Miller Cycle Combustion, cylinder head, and the ring and piston design. The latest engine controls (ESM*2) also add to the reliability of these world-class systems that are used by companies in the gas compression segment worldwide.

Low Gas Emission

An astounding feature of this new and highly efficient gas compression engine is its low gas emission levels. The engine has quite lesser gas emissions when compared to other engines (0.15 g/HP-hour Nox, Ultra low VOCs, 0.3 g/HP-hour CO). This benefit comes to the compressor engines because of the 3-way catalyst system that they contain. Companies can now better abide by the regulations and also add environment friendliness and sustainability to their operations with the help of the Waukesha 7044. When there are the permit limits to be evaluated and adhered to, the Waukesha offers tremendous benefits and provides greater onsite power as well.

Better Heat Management

The fuel flexibility of these engines adds to their operational efficiency. Better fuel combustion ensures that the internal components of the engine are not stressed even after long hours of operations as well. One of the Series 5 engines of Waukesha, the 7044 also leads its other counterparts when it comes to thermal management. The piston, as well as cylinder head, are cooled more effectively and the benefits also extend to the Miller combustion cycle.

The new cylinder-head off the engine has an improved and modified design, which makes it long lasting. The design also burns hydrocarbons effectively and there are lesser unburned hydrocarbons. The temperatures are reduced by up to 40% in this new and efficient engine, while the piston temperature is reduced by around 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whether you are buying a new or old Waukesha 7044, rest assured as you will get par excellence performance and tremendous savings. Choose a leading supplier so that you also get effective maintenance and a ready inventory of spare parts.