Ironline Compression is an authorized Program Ally for Custom Energy Solutions

Energy Efficiency Alberta – Custom Energy Solutions program helps Alberta facilities improve productivity, save energy and save money by upgrading inefficient equipment and making other energy improvements. (

Emission reduction programs are available for producers to recover investment in engine retrofits that reduce Green House Gas (GHG).

These solutions consider the total GHG footprint of the engine, and the reduction results are not limited to fuel savings.

Ironline Compression works with companies upgrading their Natural Gas engines into ultra-efficient engines, that will reduce GHG and meet NOx emissions levels.

The Challenge is to find a solution that reduces both NOx and GHG.

Custom Energy Solutions helps businesses in Alberta by providing support and incentives to
upgrade and improve existing equipment reducing GHG emissions. Click here to watch a short
video about this exciting program.

For a complete understanding about this program, and how you could be eligible for incentives, contact Ironline Compression today, or visit Energy Efficiency Alberta.