Service Kits

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When servicing an engine in the field, there is nothing worse than not having the correct parts, or all the parts,needed to complete the job. This costs valuable time, and when an engine is down, time is money. Ironline Compression listened to their technicians and customers, and developed service kits that will allow you to have [...]

Doubts You Should Clarify About Waukesha 7044

By | April 17th, 2018|Categories: Creative|

The Waukesha 7044 series from GE Power includes rich-burn engines that are built and designed for the harshest and most demanding power generation, gas compression, and mechanical drive applications and conditions. These engines offer reliability when it comes to producing ample amounts and levels of power despite high altitudes, hot field gases, remote locations, and other [...]

Advantages of Gas Compressor for sale and How You Can Make Full Use of It

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In the market for a gas compressor for sale? Ironline Compression offers an entire range of compression solutions to cater to your complex requirements. The company offers some of the largest gas compression fleets and world class OEM products to supply your gas compression requirements. A leading provider of gas compressor for sale and related services [...]

The Complete Guide to Understanding Gas Compression Package

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Unstable market conditions put a higher premium on energy. This is why your facility requires gas compression package solutions that don’t only meet your exacting standards, but also adheres to industry best practices as well as commercial standards for performance and safety. With an ever-growing demand for natural gas and related services, finding the right packaged [...]

Natural Gas Compressor Rental: Pros and Cons

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Equipment rental can be beneficial to business, especially when it comes to reducing overheads. Smart asset financing is key to acquiring the business equipment and other assets that you may need in order to ensure continuous operation. Whether you need an access to equipment you are unable to afford or want to free up some working [...]

Important Facts That You Should Know About Ariel Compressors

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Ariel has been in the business of manufacturing the most innovative designs of air compressors for the last 5 decades, making them the prime choice for high-speed and superior quality reciprocating compressors worldwide. The company leads the way when it comes to developing the most well-designed air compression systems for all kinds of industry operations. Ariel [...]

How Gas Compression Package Can Increase Your Profit

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A gas compression package can be a practical investment for your business, offering the promise of increased returns, by making sure that your machines and systems keep their operational reliability, efficiency, and productivity across all critical applications. Service providers like Ironline Compressions are your best partners when it comes to gas compression package options, providing you [...]

Benefits of Working with a COR Company

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If you do business in the O&G industry, you have most likely heard about Certificate of Recognition, or COR program. What is COR, why do you want it and why is it important for you when choosing a partner to work with? The COR program began in Alberta over 20-years ago,and has become an industry standard [...]

Quick Tips on Maintaining Ariel Compressor Parts

By | December 20th, 2017|Categories: Ariel Compressor|

Ariel Corporation is no doubt a leader in the natural gas compressor scene. Its groundbreaking research and development efforts have raised the standards in compressor quality and reliability, whether for extraction, processing, storage, or distribution. Buying from this brand ensures that you will get a high-quality piece of machinery, with every Ariel compressor part working at [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Ariel Compressors

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If you are in the market for reciprocating gas compressors—specifically those separable units—you will probably come across Ariel Compressors. For many years, this name has been known in the natural gas compressor industry as a trusted provider. Their products are used not only for natural gas extraction but also for processing, delivering, storing, and distribution. Ariel [...]