Benefits of Working with a COR Company

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If you do business in the O&G industry, you have most likely heard about Certificate of Recognition, or COR program. What is COR, why do you want it and why is it important for you when choosing a partner to work with? The COR program began in Alberta over 20-years ago,and has become an industry standard [...]

Quick Tips on Maintaining Ariel Compressor Parts

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Ariel Corporation is no doubt a leader in the natural gas compressor scene. Its groundbreaking research and development efforts have raised the standards in compressor quality and reliability, whether for extraction, processing, storage, or distribution. Buying from this brand ensures that you will get a high-quality piece of machinery, with every Ariel compressor part working at [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Ariel Compressors

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If you are in the market for reciprocating gas compressors—specifically those separable units—you will probably come across Ariel Compressors. For many years, this name has been known in the natural gas compressor industry as a trusted provider. Their products are used not only for natural gas extraction but also for processing, delivering, storing, and distribution. Ariel [...]

Know About the Thermos-Syphon Cooling System Used in Ajax Gas Compressor

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Thermo-Syphon is the process of passive heat exchange that occurs under the conditions of natural convection to make fluid circulate without a mechanical pump. This system is typically used in circulating volatile gases and liquids in cooling and heating applications, like water heaters, heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers. The circulation can be open-loop where the substance [...]

Learn About the Packages of Natural Gas Compression Services

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Natural gas may be your choice in fuel due to its cost-effectiveness and environment-friendly qualities that can help reduce your expenses and carbon footprint in the long run. If so, you will need a compressor that is designed especially for distributing and recovering the fuel from the source to you. The right equipment from natural gas [...]

Gas Compression Package: All You Need To Know

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Ironline Compressions Ironline Compressions offers a wide range of packages to our valued clients that are virtually unmatched by others. We offer flexible solutions that specifically meet the requirements of clients. The gas compression package that we offer comes with the benefit of dealing with a professional and highly experienced team with extensive resources and infrastructure. [...]

Salient Features Of Cooper Bessemer Gas Compressor

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Gas Compressors of brands Cooper Bessemer have a reputation for excellence, having been around for more than a hundred years. Acclaimed for reliability, with the ability to withstand heavy wear and tear, the compressors are durable and form part of Ironline Compressions’ commitment to quality. Here is what you need to know more about Copper Bessemer [...]

Waukesha 7044 Generator

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When looking at solutions for gas compression it is imperative that compressors be paired with a remarkable engine. Ironline Compression is a company in Calgary, Canada that provides client companies with both. Ironline sells and rents gas compression equipment including the Waukesha 7044 generator manufactured by GE. These generators are designed for optimal operation and have [...]

Retrofit Gas Compressor

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With unstable prices, scarce resources, and the ever rising demand for natural gas, you need a Canadian gas compression service provider who has the expertise, and the equipment to fully retrofit your compression facility to help you keep up with changing market conditions. When it comes to retrofitting high horsepower compressor packages, you require the services [...]

Gas Compressor For Sale

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Gas Compressors And Maintaining Safety Regardless of industry, anytime heavy equipment is used, companies must take steps to ensure the safety of workers and the surrounding residents and environment. Quality gas compressors can be safe, effective tools, especially when organizations and staffers follow safety tips such as the ones below. Monitoring and Maintenance is Key Appropriate [...]