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Cooper-Bessemer, a lead organizer, provider and assistant of industrial engines, compressors and parts, has served multiple industries since 1899. Manufactured in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Cooper-Bessemer transferred its services to Houston, Texas to better access the nation’s petroleum and industrial equipment output.

Cooper-Bessemer products span across stationary diesel engines, marine diesel engines, gas engines and engine-driven compressors. Always available to assist with industrial, residential and marine-based projects, Cooper Bessemer similarly offers parts to aid shipyards, petroleum pipelines, chemical plants, munitions and refineries. Cooper-Bessemer supplies, frequently utilized for projects needing maximum attention, attention to detail and a keen approach to optimization, include connecting rods, compressor valves, crossheads, crankshafts, cylinder liners, bearings, gasket kits and scraper rings.

A fine provider of many companies, the brand has become famous for its compact, V-angle engine designs. Few engine options compare to Cooper-Bessemer, which utilizes an articulated rod arrangement, granting power piston connecting rods access to a single master compressor rod. This design was a major contributor to the worldwide economy for over half a century, redesigning compression energy in natural gas transmission and treatment.

In the United States, and in forty-four other countries, Cooper-Bessemer is equated with creativity, sustainability and success. Ironline Compression is available to supply parts and services for Cooper-Bessemer, assisting project-goers, industrial gurus and companies in short-term and long-term projects alike.

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