Caterpillar G3306

Ironline has an extensive fleet of used Caterpillar gas engines for sale including the reliable Caterpillar G3306.  Click here to search available inventory of Caterpillar G3306 for sale and other models.

A leading worldwide manufacturer, Caterpillar has supplied a wealth of industries with top-quality, high-range generators and engines for decades. An international leader, manufacturing innovator and constant designer of diesel generators, gas generators and marine diesel generators, Caterpillar has supplied power across construction and residential locations alike. Each Caterpillar generator set contributes to the company’s standard of achievement, achieving over 450,000 kW installed across construction sites in one year.

Each Caterpillar generator like CAT G3306 is created with maximum efficiency in mind. Low fuel consumption, reliable design, clean and economical, Caterpillar generators surpass global emission compliance standards while surpassing demanding conditions and emergencies. Available between 36 kW and 17,460 kW, Caterpillar diesel generators are designed, manufactured and implemented for high efficiency, low lifecycle costs and high integration.

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