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Today, Ajax is one of the world’s leading engine and compressor manufacturers. One of the oldest, most innovative engine product lines created in the United States, Ajax persists as a well-stabilized provider of intelligent, up-to-date energy solutions. Ajax has been utilized in the gas and oil industries for 130 years, and its integral engine-compressors feature gas compression services via built-in reciprocating engines. For this reason, each Ajax design offers unique options while remaining compact, energy efficient and easily installable.

Proven in design, installation and construction, Ajax engines ensure dependable operation, continuous service and adaptability to any workplace. The Ajax design, constructed from a two-cycle system, eliminates troublesome rocker arms, valves, tappers, cams and push rods. Ajax designs similarly feature low BMEP and additional port scavenging.

Ajax, an all-time favorite for long-term projects, offers a specialized thermos-syphon cooling system, ensuring optimum cylinder cooling within closed systems without requiring a thermostatic bypass valve or water pump. For this reason, Ajax succeeds in industries commonly closing out unsustainable options. Ironline Compression is available for Ajax parts and services, and each technical provider is well-versed in the lines design options, maintenance needs and performance capabilities. Contact us today, and examine your products long-term energy options.

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