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Gemini offers a variety of high-powered reciprocating compressor models capable of delivering maximum flexibility while incurring minimal costs. Gas compression applications, often, lack reconfiguration options. Gemini surpasses this hurdle, featuring modular designs allowing cylinder and frame reconfiguration.

Each world-class compressor is backed by worldwide service capabilities. Each member of the API 11P Gemini line of high-speed, fully-powered reciprocating compressors feature flexible, reliable and economic solutions. Understandably, gas compression needs are wide and varied. Gemini answers industry needs with a durable product lineup expanded between 60 HP and 7,200 HP options. A variety of piston rod loading capacities are available, too, alongside several frame stroke combinations. Each Gemini compressor has been expertly designed to be directly connected to a reciprocating natural gas engine. Gemini products can be connected to electric motors, too, granting full adaptability in every workplace scenario.

Gemini’s high variety of compressor frame strokes guarantee perfect matches to optimum drivers. Gemini field service engineers have created time-tested-and-true solutions via constant examination, trials and successful implementations. Now, Ironline Compression is ready to assist with parts and services, answering your Gemini product’s needs with a wealthy inventory of superior parts. Contact Ironline Compression providers today, and discover your options.

Gemini is now part of the GE Oil and Gas product family. For a detailed product overview, click here.