The American Fortune 100 firm Caterpillar Inc. is known to offer world-class engines and has a worldwide dealer network. Caterpillar engines are used for providing power to facilities in case of emergencies and can also use renewable fuel sources like biogas for power and electricity generation. The Caterpillar G 3306 engine is one of the best offerings of the firm, which is the first choice of industries worldwide. It can use a variety of fuels including propane, field gas, biogas, and natural gas and offers the highest profitability and cost-effectiveness ratios.

Caterpillar G3306

Caterpillar G 3306 has an endless number of useful features specifications that are required by businesses across industrial segments. Some of the important features of this world-class engine include:

  • The new rich burn Miller cycle engine design that provides for the meeting of all emission requirements and compliance. It meets all the US emission norms.
  • All engines possess impeccable quality because of the extensive quality test carried out at the factories.
  • Inclusion of the Gas Engine Rating Pro (GERP) PC based program. The program offers a range of data in areas including ambient temperature, site altitude, performance data, spec sheet, pump curves and installation drawings among others.

Dealer Support

Caterpillar G 3306 is supported by the extensive sales and dealer network, which includes more than 2200 dealers. Leading firms can provide to you the world-class engine in a very hassle-free way and with least documentation. The best of dealers also have for you the scheduled and unscheduled service and maintenance plans that are provided on-site. The maintenance programs also include the preventive maintenance schedules that reduce the downtime, keep the threat of accidents at bay, and provide you complete peace of mind.

You can contact a leading engine and compressor company in Canada now and get access to a wide range of engine models from leading brands including Caterpillar, Ajax, and Waukesha among many others. The best of firms have for you reliable and certified products along with after-sales maintenance services. With the availability of all the parts associated with the machines, the Caterpillar engine dealers qualify for your attention and consideration.