Ironline Certified Exchange Engines

Ironline Compression does not take downtime lightly, and neither do
you! When downtime occurs, it can cost you thousands.

Compressor exchange engines are tested and ready to swing into action

Regardless of whether you are arranging a scheduled compressor engine overhaul or you have a engine-down situation in the field, you can rely upon Ironline`s exchange program to swing into action. We have Caterpillar, Waukesha, Arrow and Cummins engines among others readily available to exchange with your existing application. Our experienced team can help you get the horsepower you need to get up and running without further delay. Contact us now to schedule an on-site exchange through Ironline`s swing engine exchange program.

Exchange Engines Available

Arrow A-42
Arrow C-66
Arrow VRG 330
Arrow VRG 380
Caterpillar G3304N
Caterpillar G3306TA
Caterpillar G3306ATACC
Caterpillar G3406TA
Caterpillar G3408TA

Caterpillar G3512TALE
Cummins G8,3L
Waukesha F11GSI
Waukesha F18GL(LCR)
Waukesha H24Gl (LCR)
Waukesha F3521GSI
Waukesha L5774LT
Waukesha L7042GI
Waukesha L7042Gl

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Ironline Compression`s certified exchange program and
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