VHP Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR2) Upgrade

The next generation of Waukesha’s rich burn air-fuel ratio control (AFR2) integrates with ESM* for unmatched emissions performance. It utilizes a fuel control valve between each regulator and carburetor and includes a wide band pre-catalyst O2 sensor calibrated for a wide variety of gaseous fuels for more stable operation through fuel swings. AFR2 has been designed and enhanced for Waukesha’s product line, enabling better and improved out of the box performance.

What can this upgrade do for you?

  • Intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) touchscreen simplifies operator adjustments by eliminating tedious lambda and O2 sensor voltage calculations. Initial setup in five simple steps directed by HMI.
  • Keep emissions minimized without manual intervention with automatic response to changes in load, speed, fuel, and ambient conditions.
  • Fuel control valve reduces shutdowns from delayed system response by providing fast response to changes in ambient and operating conditions.
  • Redesigned harness reduces downtime from potential harness failure by simplifying fault troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Up to twice the O2 sensor life of legacy systems.
  • New HMI allows seamless integration and logging of ESM and AFR2 data and fault codes.
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How we get you there?

Kit includes:

  • New wiring harnesses using new serviceable connectors (see harness fact sheet)
  • New gas regulator(s) if applicable
  • New wideband O2 sensor(s)
  • New ambient temperature/humidity/barometric pressure sensor package
  • New fuel control valve(s) replace stepper motors
  • New HMI to replace previous ESM display panel
  • Allows easy future upgrade to the emPact system if desired
  • Includes new single fuel inlet piping for Extender Series engines
  • Includes differential pressure wastegate system
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AFR2 upgrade (for engines with ESM)

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