As a Platinum Packager for Waukesha engines, Ironline offers Waukesha emissions reduction upgrade packages.

Energy Efficiency Alberta – Custom Energy Solutions program helps Alberta facilities improve productivity, save energy and save money by upgrading inefficient equipment and making other energy improvements. (

Emission reduction programs are available for producers to recover investment in engine retrofits that reduce Green House Gas (GHG).

These solutions consider the total GHG footprint of the engine, and the reduction results are not limited to fuel savings.

Ironline Compression works with companies upgrading their Natural Gas engines into ultra-efficient engines, that will reduce GHG and meet NOx emissions levels.

The Challenge is to find a solution that reduces both NOx and GHG.


  • Lowest emissions are capable utilizing rich-burn technology with a three-way catalyst
  • A rich-burn Series 5 VHP would prevent 1,233 tonnes of GHG per year, compared to the modified lean burn technology
  • Adding Waukesha’s emPact solution to an uncontrolled rich-burn engine would save 1,458 tonnes of  GHG per year, converting to an S5 would save 2,378 tonnes per year VHP Series 5 conversions offer
  • Up to 13% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Up to 2,000 tonnes per year of CO2e reduction
  • Meet <0.5g/NOx
  • Up to $300,000 incentive in Alberta


Models available to upgrade:

  • L5794LT
  • L7042GL
  • L7042GSI
  • L7042GSI “lean”
  • P9390GL/GSI

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Waukesha VHP Series Five

The Waukesha VHP Series Five rich-burn engines combine today´s advanced technology with 50 years of experience on the VHP platform. Available as a 1900 hp L7044GSI S5 and a 1500 hp L7042GSI S5, these Series Five reciprocating gas engines deliver up to 13% more power, better fuel flexibility, as much as 10% lower fuel consumption, up to 20% lower lifecycle costs, and over 30% longer service intervals.