Emission Solutions and Compliance Services

Ironline Compression works with companies upgrading their Natural Gas engines into ultra-efficient engines, which will reduce GHG and meet NOx emissions levels. Natural gas can benefit the life cycle of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for duty cycle and engine calibration. 

The Challenge is to find a solution that reduces both hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), as well as carbon dioxide (CO2). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has become increasingly stringent on regulations for businesses to lower the thresholds for emissions of air pollutants and other harmful chemicals. 

Natural gas is a low-carbon fuel, and engines utilizing it can help not only meet regulations but can help your business increase the longevity of engines and save money. Learn more about our emission compliance services.  

Emission Compliance

With Canada’s GHG emissions from the oil and natural gas industry tallying up to 81 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), the country has taken some serious steps into reducing methane emissions. 

Perhaps the most notable of these efforts is the methane reduction regulations for the oil and gas sector, which is in effect since January 1, 2020. 

According to the methane rule, oil and gas producers now need to track and regulate the emissions from their equipment, including their compressors. The acceptable levels of emissions are subject to the equipment type. For instance, these requirements depend upon the built, capability, and equipment installation date for compressors. 

This compliance is necessary for all facilities that operate natural gas engines and compressors. In addition to tracking measurements according to the outlined frequency, each operator needs to maintain proper records including but not limited to the model number, serial number, and installation date of their equipment.

Keeping track of these requirements might seem a bit challenging at first. However, with proper guidance and purpose-built solutions, you can quickly fulfill all of these requirements without compromising your overall operational efficiency.

At Ironline, we develop and deliver robust solutions to make your equipment more efficient and compliant with the outlined emission limits. These robust solutions ensure that your investment in existing compressors and engines does not go in vain, and you can use them for the long term without putting your operations at risk.

Emission Testing Fees and Compliance Fees

Ironline gas compressors and related solutions are designed to help you record and reduce your emission levels in a practical yet accessible way. With this in mind, our emission testing fees and compliance fees strike the ideal balance between quality and affordability.

We can deploy the required level of checks and inspections for your compressors’ emissions while keeping your budgetary constraints in mind through our testing services. This rigorous process ensures that your emission-related expenses remain at a minimal level, but without making any compromises on strict compliance.

Via our compliance services, our experts help you find the best fit of solutions that could help you optimally reduce your emissions. This process could include a complete overhaul of your compressor and engine, or the installation of upgrade systems to make your existing equipment extra-efficient.

To learn more about our fees concerning your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Natural Gas Engine Emission Standards

According to Canada’s regulations for off-road compression-ignition engines, natural gas engines for compression sites or ones classified as emission control systems need to adhere to specific emission standards. 

The natural gas engine emission standards are extensive and identify acceptable levels of GHGs, NOx gases, particulate matter (PM), and non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC). 

These emission standards are segmented through engine power and defined via the mass of the pollutant per unit. If you try to go through these guidelines alone, they can be challenging to understand and tricky to comply with overall. But with the help of seasoned technicians, you can adhere to them in a stress-free way.

At Ironline, we make sure to break down these standards into highly succinct and digestible guidelines, so you could understand what level of compliance applies to your operations. These standards ensure that you don’t have to struggle to understand these complex statistics and how they are sorted. With the help of our experts, you can get the precise information you need to make your engines optimally-efficient.

Waukesha Emission Solutions

Ironline Waukesha Emission Reduction upgrade packages are designed to provide performance enhancement to your INNIO Waukesha gas engines. 

Our solutions are developed to reduce GHG and NOx emission levels and boost efficiency in fuel savings. This makes sure that you can make the most out of your existing Waukesha natural gas engine without replacing the whole model to comply with emission standards. 

Our Waukesha Emission Reduction solutions are deployed with a detailed approach, which ensures complete compatibility and long-term performance against your installed solutions. This provides you with optimal peace of mind in terms of regulatory compliance and functional performance.

Custom Emission Solutions

Ironline Custom Emission Solutions provide you with purpose-built, customized systems to upgrade your existing engines and compressors for maximum efficiency.

Due to the way they are designed, our Custom Emission Solutions can easily integrate into your existing equipment to make your engine and compressor easily adhere to relevant emission standards.

In case you are looking for packaged systems or a complete overhaul of your operations, our custom solutions can help in such cases as well. By understanding your needs and overall goals with the equipment procurement, we can help you find a custom-built solution that perfectly fulfills your needs.

Ironline Compression Emission Solutions

At Ironline, we provide holistic compression emission solutions that are fit to cater to regulatory standards and your operational requirements alike. Whether you are looking to enhance your current infrastructure or set up new engines and compressors, our experts can help you find exactly what you need.

With our commitment to using the latest technologies, complying with updated standards, and delivering an exceptional client experience, you can depend on our services with the utmost peace of mind.

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As one of the primary emission solution providers in Canada, the Ironline family is known for our reliability, knowledge, and experience in the oil and gas industry. No matter if you are looking to reduce emissions by upgrading your engines or installing new compressors, our highly targeted programs can fulfill your needs either way. 

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