If you are in the market for reciprocating gas compressors—specifically those separable units—you will probably come across Ariel Compressors. For many years, this name has been known in the natural gas compressor industry as a trusted provider. Their products are used not only for natural gas extraction but also for processing, delivering, storing, and distribution.

Ariel Corporation is one of the most recognized brands in the market today. They design heavy-duty compressors for demanding industrial applications. This company is known for setting the standard of quality thanks to their excellence in research and development. Furthermore, Ariel compressors are also highly sought-after because they are built to last and are available in different variants to suit different needs and support specific processes. Natural gas compressors can be divided into three types based on their use.

Compressors for the Upstream Sector

This sector of the industry includes exploration, recovery, and production on underwater or underground oil fields. Processes like air and nitrogen injection, landfill, and enhanced oil recovery are involved.

Compressors for the Midstream Sector

Natural gas that has been recovered is processed and stored. Marketing, pipeline transmissions, and transportation of crude oil are some of the processes that are involved in this sector.

Compressors for the Downstream Sector and Refinery

This sector produces the final products of transformed hydrocarbons. Fuels, fertilizers, lubricants, rubbers, and polymers are the end products.

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