With more than eight decades of presence in the market, manufacturing industrial engines and gas compressors, the Cooper Bessemer brand needs no introduction. It has gain the popularity in terms of quality being lapped up by GE three years back to add an impressive inventory of products from the GE stable. Relying on a unique and compact design feature, the gas compression provided by Cooper Bessemer is of reliable standards trusted by the industry. At Ironline Compressions, the emphasis has always been on featuring the most advanced and reliable equipment, and for us, this range of gas compressors is a perfect natural to fit into our inventory. Here is what you need to know about the gas compressors from Cooper Bessemer.

V angle engine design

The range of compressors manufactured included GMV, GMW and GMX series, and the V-250, V-275, W-330, Z-330 and QUAD compressors. All these models incorporated a unique and compact v angle engine design where the articulated connecting rod arrangement permitted the power piston connecting rods to drive the master compressor rod with every movement of the crankshaft.  This was a popular and unique design concept that made the GMV range of compressors contribute to gas compression the world over for close to five decades.

Suitable for most applications

The M-Line compressors from the stable of Cooper Bessemer that, we at Ironline Compressions hold on inventory, belong to the slow to medium speed horizontal units that make use of a balanced opposed cylinder design. As a result of various design parameters, the compressors range in terms of horsepower are from 1,000 to 30,000 hp. By virtue of the design and components, the compressors have offered clients the opportunity for custom designs in order to meet an extensive range of operating conditions to meet the needs of almost all gas applications.

As part of our efforts to help maintain the environment, the compressors come with options to keep emissions low with Clean burn technology. This has been one of the innovative features introduced by Copper Bessemer, which, we at Ironline Compressions are proud to announce.