The Ajax Gas Compressor is the absolute name in reliable integral engine compressors in the market. Synonymous with exceptional build quality, absolute dependable operation, and unbeatable performance, Ajax Gas compressors have dominated the market over the past 50 years. Ironline Compression offers Ajax compressors and other related industrial tools for your equipment needs.

Standard features of Ajax Gas compressors include:

  • Hydraulic fuel control systems for optimum fuel efficiency
  • Babbitt sleeve and/or Double-row tapered roller bearings for maximum loading in extreme application conditions
  • Power cylinders with two-cycle, low-BMEP with fewer parts for less maintenance
  • Crosshead guides to absorb and relieve crank shaft stresses on the main cylinders
  • A solid-state, time-based ignition system for reliable operation
  • An efficient force-fed lubrication system for power and compression cylinders, with lube point injection and divider blocks
  • High quality crankcases built from cast iron for durability and longevity
  • Compressor cylinders with large gas passages and valve flow areas designed for high efficiency

Finally, there’s the splash lubrication system, which means the systems does not require a pump, filter or cooler required for main and connecting rod bearings. Each unit is also equipped with an oil-bath lubrication system that is sealed and isolated from the combustion process in the cylinders for added safety.

Their compact integral design, conservative operating speed, and large compressor cylinder capacity and valve areas permit AJAX integral compressors to move more gas per horsepower than any other competing product. Each Ajax integral engine-compressor has built-in reciprocating engines, which allows for more efficient operation for longer periods of time. Their compact design and gas drive make Ajax a great choice for field installation. Get the best deals for Ajax integral engine compressors from Ironline Compression today. Expect high quality offers for brand new, excellent used, and rental units for your industrial equipment needs.