Cooper Bessemer Offers Reliable And Efficient Products

General Electric Cooper-Bessemer engines are some the most reliable and efficient engines ever produced for use in gas compression. These advanced systems are well known for their ability to cope with extreme variations in both flow rates and operating pressure.

In 1929, the Cooper Bessemer company introduced its first gas engine-driven compressors, to include stationary and marine diesel and gas engines. During the second world war, Cooper-Bessemer contributed by manufacturing engines for troop transport, cargo ships, warships, tug boats, patrol and rescue boats and more. Cooper Bessemer compressor and engine products were used to produce rubber, alloys, aircraft fuel, and ammonia for refineries, shipyards and petroleum pipelines. Today, Cooper Bessemer remains a highly reputable brand producing extremely reliable engines and compressors that are driving huge sections of today’s industrial sector.

Today, vintage Cooper Bessemer engines are being acquired by museums as eagerly new models are sought after by industry.

Cooper Bessemer slow-speed compressors stand up better to wear and tear than comparable engines, for a dramatically superior operational life. The recent up tick in interest in these of this valuable gas transmission assets was initiated by a high customer demand for superior reliability coupled with low maintenance and a low cost of ownership.

These state-of-the-art engines are flexible and offer a wide range operational capability. Cooper Bessemer engines meet all NSPS emissions requirements. Our service team is determined to keep your equipment in top condition by offering a wide selection of high-quality service solutions and maintenance, as well as responsive technical support, and upgrades.

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