When looking at solutions for gas compression it is imperative that compressors be paired with a remarkable engine. Ironline Compression is a company in Calgary, Canada that provides client companies with both.

Ironline sells and rents gas compression equipment including the Waukesha 7044 generator manufactured by GE. These generators are designed for optimal operation and have unmatched efficiency, durability, and longevity. The GE Waukesha L1044 provides an extraordinary reliability making for continuous or intermittent power applications.

Waukesha 7044 is Experienced in Natural Gas Production

Introduced 4 decades ago, the 7044 has been hard at work in applications for natural gas production ever since.

The popularity of this power generator stems from:

  • Being hot fuel tolerant and forgiving as it relates to fuel quality
  • Has extended periods between service
  • Offers low emissions across all applications
  • Available wide turn down range (700 – 1200 rpm)
  • Drives compressors for gas extraction, gas processing, and gas transmission
  • Operations governed by the GE state-of-the-art ESM control system
  • Its global network of channel partners capable of offering around the clock service and parts

Other Uses Include

The Waukesha 7044 engine driven generator can be used for other applications like being a primary power source for spinning mills on the Indian sub-continent, as emergency power for airports, hospitals and more.

Technical Data GE Waukesha 7044
Cylinders V12
Piston Displacement 7040 cu. in. (115 L)
Compression Ratio 8:1
Bore & Stroke 9.375’’ x 8.5’’ (238 x 216)
Jacket water system capacity 100 gal. (379 L)
Lube oil capacity 190 gal. (719 L)
Starting system 125 – 150 psi air/gas 24V electric
Dimensions l x w x h inch (mm) 147 (3734) x 85 (2159) x 97.83 (2485)
Weight lbs (kg) 24,250 (11,000)


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