The gas compression packages and solutions are today offered by leading and reputed firms including Ajax, Caterpillar, and Copper among others. These solutions can be used to compress gases including the sour, sweet, liquified and other kinds of gases. We at Ironline have a comprehensive range of gas compressor machinic solutions from the best of brands and are a reputed firm operating in the natural gas compressor rental companies segment. The horsepower or power specification range of these systems is also abysmal and may vary from 10 horsepower to 10,000 horsepower.

The One-Stop Destination For Gas Compression Solutions-Ironline

Ironline has been serving the natural gas industry in Canada for the past 70 years successfully.

When you are looking to buy a new or a used gas compression solution in Canada, or wish to rent it, Ironline has the best options available to you. Apart from the new compression machines, you can also rent the equipment at an affordable cost. The firm has the lease and the rental operations options for all the natural gas industries operating in Canada. The best of gas compression solutions from the leading brands including Ajax, Cooper, Caterpillar, Gemini, Arial, and Waukesha are instantly available to you at prices you cannot deny.

Parts and Service

We also have for you a ready inventory of high-quality parts, from all the leading manufacturers. We bring more than 60,000 parts of as compression machines at your operational scene and also have the service/maintenance trucks that can reach to your industry in one single call. Our expert professional engineers and technicians ensure that your operations are devoid of malfunction and downtimes and offer you the best of profitability.


We would like to make your operations sustainable and also aim to make the environment good and healthy for the coming generations. While we work with the OEM’s to bring you all kinds of gas compression packages and parts whenever you need them. We also only offer reliable equipment that can reduce the emissions of noxious and harmful gases including carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide among others. Therefore, you do not have to compromise with your green policies while renting a gas compression solution from Ironline.

We at Ironline can offer you the best advice that will help you made the right selection when choosing the gas compression solutions from one of the leading natural gas compressor rental companies.