When servicing an engine in the field, there is nothing worse than not having the correct parts, or all the parts,needed to complete the job. This costs valuable time, and when an engine is down, time is money.

Ironline Compression listened to their technicians and customers, and developed service kits that will allow you to have everything that you need to get the job done and done quickly.

“These kits were designed with our technicians and customers in mind,” says Ryan Fournier, Supply Chain Optimization Manager for Ironline Compression.

A service kit will include all the parts a technician will need to work on an engine, thus eliminating the worries around missing parts. These kits are designed to be fast, accurate and comprehensive.

A service kit is picked once reducing the chances of the technician seeing a picking or packing error, not a dozen separate picks, thus making them fast and accurate.

Each service kit will have everything a technician would need to complete a basic service.

“We developed these kits,” Fournier states, “to increase the speed and accuracy of [Ironline Compression’s] warehouse.Ensuring that when a kit goes to a job site, whether it is the customer or an Ironline Compression technician doing the job, that they will have everything they need to get the job done.”

Service kits reduce wait times as well as packing or picking errors, which allows Ironline Technicians to keep downtime to a minimum on service calls, which in the end benefits your bottom line.Customers are also only charged for the parts used.

Contact Ironline Compression today to discuss service kits and how they are a great option for your business.